Who We Are

Who We Are

Leading Force in Prefabrication

About Us

Empowered by Vefa Group, since 1990, we have been introducing new products, innovative technologies, and building solutions to the world, leveraging our expertise and experience in the prefabricated building sector. We swiftly implement large-scale projects that we develop according to need in different geographies, under challenging conditions. We realize design, production, and application processes in an integrated manner with modular containers, prefabricated panels, lightweight steel, and mixed building systems.

Through these building systems, we pioneer prefabricated building solutions across a diverse spectrum, ranging from worksite mobilization to emergency settlement buildings, and from mass housing to multi-purpose structures such as schools and hospitals. With prefabricated building systems, we present an alternative approach to construction, and through the products and solutions we develop, we strive to extend this approach to more countries and people.

We operate with an integrated production and service model, sourcing some of the building materials used in production from brands within the Vefa Group. This model provides us with the agility to move swiftly.

From our CEO

Turan Koçyiğit
Chief Executive Officer
In 2023, our country faced numerous challenges, due to the earthquake in February. Once again, we realized the importance of being prepared for such disasters. The earthquake, affecting numerous provinces and creating a demand for numerous emergency living spaces, posed a significant challenge for the prefabricated building sector. 

During this period, similar to the entire prefabricated building sector, we at Vefa fulfilled our duty by postponing contracts signed before the earthquake. To meet the urgent needs in the earthquake zone, we responded by significantly enhancing our production capacity and initiating the construction of living containers, prefabricated buildings, and hospitals. 

Following three months of concentrated production for the earthquake-affected region, we resumed our domestic and international projects, previously interrupted during this period, alongside our ongoing efforts in the affected area. Internationally, we successfully concluded our worksite mobilization projects in Europe, the Gulf, and the Far East, simultaneously securing new contracts. In our domestic efforts, we directed our attention to worksites and special multi purpose building projects across various regions of Turkey.

Management Structure

Vekon Privileges

International Business Viability
International Business Viability
As a company that has translated our local strength and success into the international arena for 33 years, we bring to life large-scale projects around the world with our solutions tailored to the country of the project and customer demands.
Proprietary Product Quality
Proprietary Product Quality
We produce at world standards with the certificates we receive from competent organizations in their fields.  
High Standard Solutions
High Standard Solutions
Vekon aligns with international standards, delivering products and services of the highest quality. The company consistently meets customer expectations by responding with speed, reliability, and excellence in the development of new offerings.
Investments in Research and Development (R&D) and Product Development (P&D) play a crucial role in establishing Vekon as a global force and a sought-after solution partner on 6 continents.
Project Management
Project Management
We handle the complete process of designing, producing, logistics, and, when required, erecting modular containers, prefabricated panel, lightweight steel, and structural steel buildings in-house. This approach ensures seamless integration across all stages of the production process through our comprehensive project management.
Qualified Technical Staff
Qualified Technical Staff
Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to advancing the sector and elevating standards through our skilled technical team and competent workforce.

Production Technology

We utilize cutting-edge machinery imported from leading countries, complemented by our in-house developed technologies and advanced computer software and automation systems for production. Our facility boasts a monthly production capacity of 3,000 living containers and 25,000 square meters of prefabricated and steel buildings. The technologies we brought to the sector are as follows: Container Production Technology, Lightweight Steel Building Technology, Profacto Technology, Neopan Technology.
Profacto Technology

Profacto Technology

Profacto technology allows us to produce in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, deviating from standard profiles.
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Container Production Technology

Container Production Technology

Through Kaizen, a lean production system focusing on enhancing quality, cost efficiency, and delivery performance by accelerating production speed and streamlining the flow process, we offer swift production.
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Lightweight Steel Building Technology

Lightweight Steel Building Technology

The utilization of lightweight steel building technology, coupled with our specially developed software and robust production capabilities, facilitates rapid project and static calculation processes.
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Neopan Technology

Neopan Technology

The Neopan sandwich and composite panel line allows for the fully automated production of prefabricated building walls in the desired dimensions.
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Logistics and Assembly

Through our exports to various parts of the world, we have developed and implemented specific standards for both production and packaging over the years.
Our practical products and solutions are designed for easy installation, providing time-saving and convenience on the worksite.


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ISO 45001 Certificate
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Tuv Austria EN ISO 1090 Certificate
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TS 13891 Certificate
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Living Container IP54 Test Report
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Armored Cabin Test Report
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Russia Hygiene Certificate
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Kazakhstan Gost-K Certificate of Conformity (EPS Insulation)
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Ukraine Hygiene Certificate
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Utility Model Certificate - VEKONADA
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Utility Model Certificate - VEKONAR
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Utility Model Certificate - Lath For Nestavilla Walls
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Design Registration Certificate - Sandwich Panel
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Design Registration Certificate - Mezzanine Flooring
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Design Registration Certificate - Fasteners
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Design Registration Certificate - Nestavilla Line
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Design Registration Certificate - WC-Shower Tray
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Design Registration Certificate - Armored Cabin
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Design Registration Certificate - Solar Charging Station
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Quality, OHS and Sustainability

Our Quality Policy

Our organization has adopted the principle of providing reliable, trouble-free service to its customers with its expert management staff and personnel by using advanced technology and modern engineering solutions in its sector.
The foundation of our quality lies in our devoted employees who embrace a team spirit and work collaboratively. The meticulous work we undertake and the service we provide serve as the guarantee for the continuity of our quality.
Our quality policy prioritizes customer satisfaction as the primary objective through ongoing development and improvement across all units. We are committed to meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard and continuously enhancing its effectiveness.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS) Policy

Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety rules is the collective responsibility of all Vefa Group employees.
We distribute responsibilities and authorities among all our employees to ensure compliance with laws, legislation, regulations, and other Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
Occupational Health and Safety holds equal significance to our other business objectives.
Effectively implementing the OHSAS 18001 standard is essential for us, and we are committed to continually providing the necessary training to foster and enhance individual responsibility awareness regarding Occupational Health and Safety issues.
Our foremost priority is to equip our employees with the necessary resources, establish an efficient, safe, and healthy working environment, enhance communication effectiveness, and boost individual performance and motivation. To achieve this goal, we endorse the ongoing development of our employees, utilizing our approach of rewarding knowledge and success in the most beneficial and appropriate manner.
As part of our commitment to Occupational Safety, we foster an environment that encourages consultation and active participation from our employees, employee representatives, and visiting suppliers within our facilities.
We systematically identify all occupational safety hazards and risks associated with our operations, thoroughly analyze root causes, and implement protective measures and programs to minimize these risks to the lowest acceptable level decisively.
Our practices are outcome-driven, and we consistently assess and enhance them through a continuous improvement approach.
In our organization, training is indispensable for the effective implementation of the ISO 45001 standard and for cultivating and improving individual responsibility awareness regarding Occupational Health and Safety issues.

Our Environmental Policy

Our fundamental principle is to adhere to environmental legislation in our country, regularly update it, and achieve measurable and continuous improvement in all aspects related to the environment.
We actively strive to minimize environmental pollution and waste, and we manage hazardous materials with a focus on reducing their polluting impact during disposal.er, and soil pollution and implement necessary measures to mitigate their environmental impact.
We actively strive to minimize environmental pollution and waste, and we manage hazardous materials with a focus on reducing their polluting impact during disposal.
We offer continuous training to our employees and subcontractors, actively encouraging them to apply these environmental principles in their work.
We establish annual goals and targets, identify relevant developments, and regularly review and assess them.
In alignment with these principles, we consistently enhance our environmental management system through ongoing improvement efforts.

Human Resources

Vefa Group's Human Resources Policy is centered around becoming a preferred organization through fair, transparent, and continuous development-oriented practices. The aim is to enhance competitive power and corporate success by effectively managing talents.
All kinds of internal and external resources are used and continuously improved in the most accurate and beneficial way, taking into account the following points:
Providing an efficient, safe, and healthy working environment
Enabling effective communication
Increasing the individual performance and motivation of employees
Rewarding knowledge and success
It is used in the most accurate and beneficial way and is constantly improved.

We meticulously store the personal data of our employees in accordance with the principles outlined by the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK). This information is not shared with third parties without the explicit consent of the individuals involved. Furthermore, we adhere meticulously to occupational health and safety standards for our employees, ensuring compliance with labor laws and the principles outlined in the Occupational Safety Law.
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