Prefabricated Panel

Through the advantages derived from the technology and designs we have developed in-house, we ensure that the projects we collaborate on as solution partners are executed with enhanced quality and increased efficiency.

A prefabricated panel building system is a system in which all components are produced in the factory in advance and assembled on the concrete floor on-site. 80% is produced in the factory, leaving 20% for on-site assembly. It has the capability to be disassembled, transported, and reassembled.
Prefabricated buildings, commonly chosen for applications such as dining halls, dormitories, and management offices in the worksite mobilization of construction projects, can be designed as single-storey or multi-storey. They are versatile and can also be utilized for purposes such as schools, affordable housing, social facilities, and clinics. We manufacture prefabricated buildings, leveraging the advantages derived from the technology and designs developed through our R&D and P&D studies. This enables us to meet our customers' demands more economically, with enhanced quality and increased speed.

All the walls in our prefabricated buildings are constructed using a modular system of four different panels: solid panel, panel with window, panel with transom, and panel with door. It can be implemented in various projects with widths that are multiples of 1.25 meters.

Panel Types

Our Projects Implemented With Prefabricated Panel System

Turkey Mobilization Project


Malatya Earthquake Houses


Hatay Earthquake Houses

Samsun Mining Camp Project


Filyos Port Project


Georgia Port Project

Hungary Mobilization Project

İstanbul Finance Center Project


Izmir Foreman Dormitories

Serbia Mobilization Project


Albania Mass Housing Project

Şişli Vocational High School

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