Lightweight Steel

We keep contributing to the sector for the development and expansion of this system, which we pioneered in Turkey, and is distinguished by its entirely unique architectural and engineering solutions.

The lightweight steel building system is a permanent, durable, flexible, and robust industrial building system. The architectural and engineering solutions are entirely unique, and the majority of them are produced in a controlled manner in the factory. Wall, roof, and insulation values are custom-calculated to match the climate of the region.
The advantages provided by the lightweight steel building system have facilitated its rapid spread and adoption across a diverse range of usage areas worldwide. Awareness of steel buildings is growing steadily day by day in our country. We first introduced the lightweight steel building system to Turkey in 2000. Since then, the system has gained acceptance from both public and private institutions as well as individual users. In 2008, we compiled a 350-page special Architectural Detail book specifically for steel building systems. This book encompasses all details, including roofs, walls, and mezzanine floors, providing various material alternatives tailored to the specific requirements of four different climate zones in our country. This guidebook is continuously updated to assist and guide architects, engineers, and practitioners. It facilitates the monitoring and control of production processes. This approach allows for the resolution of all details at the project stage, eliminating uncertainties and minimizing the margin of error during implementation. This ensures the correct execution of the project in the field. This system is used for the construction of houses up to three floors in accordance with the earthquake regulations of 2018. Multi-storey buildings such as schools and hospitals can be built with the mixed system where lightweight steel and structural steel systems are used together. The awareness of lightweight steel construction in Turkey experienced a significant boost, particularly following the earthquakes in 2020. At the request of TOKÄ°, a steel construction specification was developed through collaboration with representatives from the sector. We played a crucial role in the development of this specification, leveraging our industry experience and expertise in steel construction.

Advantages of Lightweight Steel

We expedite the lightweight steel project and static calculation processes swiftly through our specially developed software and the technological capabilities we possess in production. In our production process, we utilize high-capacity machinery and equipment sourced from the best countries in their fields. We oversee the production process of galvanized lightweight steel buildings through fully computerized systems, eliminating the potential for human and mechanical errors and ensuring compliance with international standards.
Aesthetics and Comfort
Earthquake Safety
Ecology and Climate

Our Projects Implemented With Lightweight Steel System

Manisa TOKİ Village Houses


Artvin TOKİ Village Houses


Afyon TOKİ Village Houses Project

Gebze State Hospital


İstanbul Cerrahpasa University Hospital


Burkina Faso Dormitory Building

Burkina Faso

Argentina Mass Housing Project


Bursa Teknosab Administrative Office Buildings


Malaysia Petroleum Corporation Engineer Lodgings


Dubai Square Project Groom Residences

Kilis Container City Social Facility Buildings


Turkmenistan Social Facility Buildings

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