Mixed System

As the first company in Turkey to adopt the mixed system, which combines lightweight and structural steel, we are constructing large-scale and specially designed buildings using this innovative approach.

In buildings where lightweight steel and structural steel are synergistically employed, leveraging our specialty, the limitations in lightweight steel specifications and the constructive detailing issues in structural steel are effectively eliminated.
In buildings constructed with the mixed system, pioneered by us in Turkey, the constructive benefits of lightweight steel are harmonized with the high load-bearing capacity of structural steel. This results in a building that is not only more economical but also provides advantages in architectural details.

Being prefabricated, these building systems enable meticulous control over every stage of the construction process. The production projects created in the project office are digitally transferred to the production line. The project office monitors every stage of the production process online along the assembly lines. The static, mechanical, electrical, and architectural phases are seamlessly integrated, effectively preventing potential problems on the worksite. This minimizes errors on the worksite.

With the mixed system, we construct large-scale and custom-designed buildings that are not only more aesthetically pleasing but also more resilient to earthquakes. With this system, it becomes feasible to construct multi-purpose buildings, including hospitals, schools, and social facilities, which demand both substantial span and architectural detailing. As the steel plates are produced from galvanized steel, the construction does not necessitate painting. Additionally, with a fully bolted and screwed system, welding is not required.

Structural Steel

The inherent flexibility of structural steel streamlines architectural drawings and accommodates customized designs. It is resistant to earthquakes. This system, characterized by its high bearing capacity, typically provides the most ideal solutions for large-scale and multi-storey buildings, including industrial buildings, social facilities, warehouses, hangars, and more. It is environmentally friendly as steel is a recyclable material. Assembled solely through bolt connections. Structural steel buildings can be disassembled and reassembled without any loss if desired.

Our Projects Implemented With Mixed System

Balıkesir Dormitory Project


Hatay Defne State Hospital


Nicosia Emergency Hospital


İstanbul July 15 Police Station Building


Ankara Gen Pharmaceuticals Administrative Building


İstanbul Kayaşehir Fair and Exhibition Building


Somalia Hospital


İstanbul Medipol University


Kahramanmaraş AFAD Logistics Center


İstanbul Viaport Sales Office

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