Vekon, which is among the most experienced brands of the pre-engineered building sector, undertakes individually to the design, production, and implementation processes of living containers, prefabricated, lightweight steel, and structural steel buildings by turnkey service model. It offers pre-engineered buildings solutions in a very large area from worker camps to public housing, from collective housing to social facilities, from commercial buildings to warehouse and hangars, from modular living units to industrial structures, from multi storey buildings up to specifically designed buildings.

Vekon, which reveals an alternative understanding of construction by pre-engineered buildings systems, provides to reach this understanding to more countries and more people by products and services it developed. Vekon, which developed an integrated production and service model by ensuring a large part of materials it used in the production from brands in the Vefa Holding, produces fast and economic buildings with this model

The Sultanbeyli, Sakarya, and Dilovası production facilities of Vekon are, well above the Turkish standards with technological infrastructure, in the scale to compete with the world. Bringing together technology and production power with aesthetic and design, Vekon changes its dominant perspective in the construction sector from the beginning to the end by offering alternative building solutions.

Vekon, which reaches a large of its production close to 100 countries by exporting, produces new and innovative values not only for our country but also to the world. Increasing its export volumes every year with its partnerships developed all over the world, Vekon is an influential brand in the growth and development of country economy.

Vekon, which invests in human resources continuously, works with the most experienced architects, engineers, and technical staff of pre-engineered buildings sector. It provides to the continuous development of its workers and to be able to think of them as integrated with the world by human resources trainings. The power that turned Vekon into a worldwide brand in a short time is the power of its technology and human resource