Our Quality Policy

Vefa Prefabricated Structures has adopted as its principle to offer reliable and problem free services in its sector to its customers by using advanced technology and modern engineering solutions with its management staff and personnel specialized in their fields.

Our employees embracing team spirit and working with dedication are the foundation of our quality. The assurance of the continuity of unit quality is our meticulous efforts and the service which we provide.

By implementing continuous development and improvement in all units adopting customer satisfaction as the first objective, fulfilling the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management standard and continuously improving its effectiveness is our “Quality Policy”.

Our Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS) Policy

  • As Vefa Prefabricated Structures we shall be open to “Continuous Development” and to concerned parts in order to grip change and grow.
  • Occupational Health and Safety is the responsibility of all Vefa Prefabricated Structures employees.
  • Responsibilities and authorities to satisfy laws, legislation, regulations and other Occupational Health and Safety requirements shall be shared among all our employees.
  • In Vefa Prefabricated Structures Occupational Health and Safety is as important as our other business goals.
  • All accidents can be prevented and should be prevented.
  • There is always a safer way to perform each task.
  • In Vefa Prefabricated Structures training at all times is indispensable in order to apply the OHSAS 18001 Standard in an effective manner and to create and improve an awareness of individual responsibility on Occupational Health and Safety matters.
  • In Vefa Prefabricated Structures, all internal and external resources shall be utilized in the most correct and beneficial manner and continuously improved to provide a productive, safe and healthy work environment, render communications effective, increase personal performances of employees and reward knowledge and achievement.

Our Environmental Policy

  • To abide by the environmental legislation in our country and ensure its currency,
  • To ensure continuous, measurable improvement in all possible areas relating to the environment,
  • To determine environmental aspects, to determine the types and damages of environmental impacts,
  • The minimize pollution and wastes and to ensure that our hazardous wastes are eliminated in a condition with their environments impacts minimized,
  • To continuously provide training for employees and sub-contractors and encourage them to apply these principles,
  • To determine the goals and objectives along these lines, and by reviewing every year to announce the improvements,
  • To continuously improve our environmental management system in the light of these principles.
  • These principles shall be announced to the public using communications means and shall be open to public opinion.
  • The management shall be a continuously follow up the application of the environmental policies and objectives it undertakes.