Vekon Logistics

Vekon, which offers the support of packaging and logistics in the international standards, delivers all its constructions to every location in the world. Vekon, which carries out the shipping of prefabricated constructions by vehicles such as aircraft, ship, and trucks, undertakes logistics service that has great importance for solution partners with a professional approach.  

Vekon Assembly

Vekon, which adopts the facilitation of solution partners’ business at every point in the world as a principle, offers products that its installation is so practical with its production technology. Easy assembled prefabricated constructions ensure great time savings and easiness in construction site. Vekon, which supports its produced constructions with assembly technologies that pioneering in its industry, has signed many firsts and innovations in this field. Vekon, which organizes special trainings for its assembly teams, completes the installation of prefabricated construction with the support of perfect assembly without compromising from the quality of product and service as soon as possible.

Vekon After Sales

Vekon, which adopts to satisfy its customers with project management system it implemented in all phases of business process as a principle, has also developed the quality of after sale service so much with this perspective. 

Vekon, which evaluates the request and complaints of its customers with questionnaires that it sends periodically, in line with this request and complaints, provides continuous improvement in its operations.