Sultanbeyli Factory

50.000mopen 25.000 mclosed
Total Area
Monthly Prefabricated and Lightweight Steel Manufacturing
5.000 pieces
Monthly Living Container Manufacturing

Vekon carries out the manufacturing of prefabricated construction, lightweight steel construction and living containers in its Sultanbeyli Factory. The Sultanbeyli Factory is built on 50.000 square meters area that consist of 25.000 square meters of indoor space. Vekon produces 50.000 square meters of prefabricated and lightweight steel construction, and 5.000 living containers in its Sultanbeyli Factory per month.

Profacto Technology

Profacto Technology offers the ability to easily implement the desired design as different from standard profiles. This superiority that profacto technology ensures is a huge advantage for prefabricated and lightweight steel constructions that required specific design. Vekon offers profiles to its customers by producing with a much more advantageous prices and the way that easily can be assembled.

The Advantages of Profacto Technology

  • Low cost, high efficiency.
  • The truss production that completely unwelded and bolt connection
  • Floor interval installments with long lifespan which do not need any paint

Container Production

Vekon carries out the production of container with lean manufacturing system that providing to produce as soon as possible by minimizing the losses in the production. It is used the most appropriate apparatus for work by professional teams along the production line and it is ensured continuous improvement and sustainable quality. Lean production system offers to production opportunity in much higher speed than the likes by means of its railed system container assembly lines. It allows to be reached to high capacity by coming machinery and equipment that own high production speed with high technology together. Paint facility in container production line also supports this high capacity with 2.2 meters painting speed per minute. High furnace capacity, programmable robot system according to material, surface preparation process prior to painting, and zirconium coating technology as well as high speed in painting facility make Vekon containers unique.

Sultanbeyli Factory

Toplam faaliyet alanı.
Aylık panel üretimi.

Vekon carries out the production of sandwich and composite panels that used in prefabricated constructions and the walls of living containers in its Sultanbeyli Factory. The Sultanbeyli Factory is built on 12.000 square meters that consisting of 9.500 square meters of indoor space. Vekon produces 72.000 linear meters of panels per month.


Neopan Technology

Vekon, which begins to produce the walls of prefabricated constructions as fully automated with its Neopan sandwich and composite panel line, offers more economic and quality products to its customers more quickly.

The Advantages of Neopan Technology

  • Fast production that eliminating capacity limits with Fully Automated Wall Line
  • Panel production 1.25-meter-wide for the first time in Turkey
  • Technology that eliminating the painting process on site and providing a huge cost advantage
  • Insulation that providing high comfort in difficult climate conditions.

Lightweight Steel Technology

Vekon has provided to be accepted and to become widespread of lightweight steel constructions system in Turkey by its innovative understanding of production and service. Vekon, which renews its production and service technology constantly in parallel with the development of the global construction industry, breathes totally new life into the construction of living space by achieving to combine steel with aesthetic and comfort.