Dilovası Factory

Total Area
Monthly Prefabricated and Lightweight Steel Manufacturing
Monthly Living Container Manufacturing

Vekon carries out the manufacturing of prefabricated construction, lightweight steel construction and living containers in its Dilovası Factory. The Dilovası Factory is built on 38.000 square meters area that consist of 32.000 square meters of indoor space. Vekon produces 100.000 square meters of prefabricated and lightweight steel construction, and 4.500 living containers in its Dilovası Factory per month.

Profacto Technology

Profacto Technology offers the ability to easily implement the desired design as different from standard profiles. This superiority that profacto technology ensures is a huge advantage for prefabricated and lightweight steel constructions that required specific design. Vekon offers profiles to its customers by producing with a much more advantageous prices and the way that easily can be assembled.

The Advantages of Profacto Technology

  • Low cost, high efficiency
  • The truss production that completely unwelded and bolt connection
  • Floor interval installments with long lifespan which do not need any paint

Lightweight Steel Construction

Vekon carries out the process of project and static calculation process very quickly by software that it developed specially for lightweight steel construction system and its technology power in production. It uses high capacity machinery and equipment that made in America and Australia and brought to Turkey by Vekon. Vekon, which controls lightweight steel construction process with fully computerized systems, eliminates to human error and the possibility of mechanical failure and produces in accordance with international standards.