Vekon is the most innovative brand of pre-engineered building sector. Vekon, which achieves international standards by its product and service quality, meets customer expectations by fast, confidence and quality with products and services it developed. Vekon, which provides maximum customer satisfaction by its product and service quality, is the brand always raising the standard in its industry.

Vekon, by means of new generation computer software, makes the architectural drawings and static calculations of projects it undertakes perfectly. Vekon, which makes all architectural projects and static calculations with SAP2000 and AutoCAD programs, does not transfer documents prepared by project team to production units without being done the necessary checks.

Vekon, which gives great importance to product quality, supplies materials it used in its products from companies and organizations who are leaders in their area in Turkey. All of the materials Vekon uses in pre-engineered building solutions are TSE certificated and the raw materials of these materials are also suitable for TSE and DIN standards.