A New Project of 12 Million Dollars To Ivory From Vekon
Vekon, which is the brand of Vefa Holding providing prefabricated construction solutions, carries a new project into effect in Abidjan, which is the largest city of Ivory Coast. The project of 12 million dollars is planned to be completed in May.
new project from Vekon

Vekon, which undertakes on its own the creation, production and implementation processes of prefabricated constructions, life containers, light steel constructions and structural steel buildings by turnkey service model, signs a new project in Abidjan, which is the largest city of Ivory Coast. 


Vekon, which is the brand of Vefa Holding providing prefabricated construction solutions that performs the constructions of guesthouses, in which sportsmen and sportswomen coming to the country because of 8th Games of Countries Speaking French 2017 (Francophone) between July 21st-30th will stay, aims at completing the project with 12 million dollars value in May. Vefa Holding Chief Executive Officer Turan Kocyigit says that production and shipment of the project consisting of totally 3 levels and 33 separate blocks each are completed and the installation continues at the moment. Kocyigit, who states that five different colors consisting of red, blue, yellow, gray and beige are used in the sides of the buildings in the project, emphasizes that all buildings are designed with prefabricated system and mentions that stone wool sandwich panel application is made in the internal and external walls. Kocyigit adds that another detail attracting notice in the project is that it is put up with A1 fire retardant certificate neopan panel walls from Warrington, which is completely their own design. 

Turan Kocyigit, who states that they send products and services to more than 100 countries, indicates that they export to 35 different countries only in 2016. Kocyigit adds that they aim at being the most preferred leader player of the sector in 2020 by providing innovative, varying products with sustainable work models to its potential customers in global markets and different cultures. 


4 thousand sportsmen and sportswomen are expected to arrive in Abidjan 


Games of Countries Speaking French (Francophone) will be made in Abidjan, which is the largest city of Ivory Coast, between the dates of July 21st-30th 2017. 

Francophone Games started in 1989 in Casablanca, Rabat and Morocco. The games are identified as a combination of sports and culture activities for the countries, in which native language is French or important part of the population speaks French as the primary language. The organizers expect record number of participants for 2017 Games. 4 thousand young athletes and artists speaking French from nearly 55 nations are expected to come to Abidjan.