Buildings specified for human are on the way
Vefa Corporation which takes attention in its sector with its innovative products, continuously developing manufacture technologies and R&D investments, will construct buildings specified to human in one of its activity areas; real property

Vefa Corporation, operating in pre manufactured constructions, structural materials, real property and energy areas, takes attention in sector with its innovative products. The company, of which main principle is innovation, is getting prepared to undersign a brand new technology in the area of real estate. Preparing to construct buildings specified to human, the company undertakes R&D activities uninterruptedly.

Orhan Güner, President of the Executive Board of Vefa Corporation, stated that they have located innovation and R&D at the core of the company and they continue their R&D activities in order to manufacture different materials that go beyond the expectations. Güner continued as follows; “Our newly developed products compose almost 50 percent of our total turnover in recent years. Our solutions with added value both increase standard of sector as well as comfort of our customers and also become the pioneer of our growth and compatibility.

Nano technology will be implemented in construction systems

Stating they have been working on products that will have international reflections, Orhan Güler said they would implement nano technologies in construction sector. Güler, who stated they would construct buildings specified to human, said “For instance, house of an old person or patient may be designed differently. Thus, smart houses and living areas will be created and thus smart cities can be planned.”

Stating construction and building technologies have been rapidly increasing, Orhan Güner said buildings that had been constructed with similar principles and methods for centuries, are now in the process of change. Güner mentioned that construction elements are being specified and said; “This brought the formation of smart or advanced materials. We believe smart materials will extend their share. It is foreseen that smart materials that have been developing and manufacturing today, will be  an integrative part of a productive city. New generation smart materials may load extra meanings to the parts. Thus saving is possible both in living spaces and costs. At the same time efficient buildings could be constructed. Smart systems composed of smart materials make human life easier, as well as providing security, health, comfort and entertainment opportunities.”