Big jump from Vefa in Second 500
Vefa PrefabrikeYapılar San. Tic. A.Ş., made a big jump in Second 500 industrial companies list and leaped forward from 214 to 94. Company also became one of two companies of its sector to take place on the list.

Leading company of Vefa Holding Vefa Prefabrike Yapılar San. Tic. A.Ş., took attention by leaping forward in the least of Second 500 Big Industrial Institutions published annually by Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). The company, which entered the list from the line of 214 previous year made a big jump this year and climbed up to 94. Company also became one of two companies of its sector that could be able to take place in the list. Vefa Prefabrike, outstripped its only competitor.

Export to almost 90 country

President of Vefa Holding Executive Board Turan Koçyiğit said they feel the proud of climbing up 120 lines and stated they would continue their sustainable growth. As one of the high capacity manufacturers of the sector, Koçyiğit pointed out they presented integrated solutions and they made export to almost 90 countries so far. Stating they made a fast entry to 2016, Koçyiğit stated they gave priority to extend their range of export and continued as follows: “In  our target countries we give branches and we try to realize our growth target by establishing partnerships with local companies. We are especially focused on Malaysia, Indonesia and Indian Asia Pacific and American Continent as well as Gulf countries.”

2020 target

Stating they had revized their organizational structure as of this year, Turan Koçyiğit said, “We are in effort to complete our restructuring in all of our companies this year. We have revized our annual and five yeared strategic plans.” President of the Executive Board Turan Koçyiğit explained their targets as “To be a Pioneer and leading actor in the sector in 2020 by presenting sustainable business models and innovative products in global markets and for potential customers from different cultures”.

Tax Reward

On the other hand, according to 2014 data explained by Istanbul Chamber of Trade, leading company of Vefa Holding Vefa Prefabrike Yapılar San. Tic. A.Ş, deserved to take bronze medal. ITO delivers these rewards in order to appreciate and encourage companiesfor their entrepreneur and renunciative performances of companies which pay high amount of taxes.