Armored System

It is living containers that produced specially for regions that open to attacks and have the risk of life safety. Armored System are containers that preferred in units such as military buildings, embassies, consulates, bank centers, police stations, international conference centers, private sector and state institutions so as to ensure the life safety and works in a relaxed atmosphere of personnel inside.

The advantages of Armored System

  • Its equipment, interior design and safety standards are determined according to the threat level of area it will be used.

Armored System living containers, which are used in remote areas to residential zones, can be used as independently from energy by solar panel, fuel cell, and lithium cell additions.

Video Gallery


Ammunit Speed Threat Level Place of Use
9x19FMJ 400 m/s B2 (DN 1502) Ankara-İstanbul
44 Magnum 430 m/s B4 (DN 1502) Ankara-İstanbul
5.56x45 NATO(M16) 950 m/s B5 (DN 1502) İstanbul - Ankara - South East
7.62x51 NATO Ball(G-3) 830 m/s B6 (DN 1502) South East
5.5x45 SS109 910 m/s STANAG 4569 LVL-1 Middle East - South America
7.62x39 AP (AK-47) 725 m/s STANAG 4569 LVL-2 South East - Middle East - South America
7.62x39 AP (G-3) 820 m/s BR7 (DN 1502) Iraq - Syria - Pakistan
7.62x51 WC(Tungsten C) 930 m/s STANAG 4569 LVL-3 Pakistan - Afghanistan
Armored Cabin Test Report